ICT Directorate specific training course

This course provides students with strong knowledge of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), their usage and impact on decision-making in an increasingly competitive business world. As future managers, you need to be equipped to make decisions concerning the planning, development and implementation of information technology resources to increase organizational effectiveness and create a strategic advantage. The emphasis of the course is on data collection techniques, information flow within the organization, techniques of requirements definition, analysis, development and implementation of a system. 

The course accomplishes this by:

Introducing basic concepts of IS and ICT and exploring how technology can be used to create business value.

Examining the potential benefits and limitations of IT and providing an overview of the components of computers.

Increasing awareness of managerial issues raised by the use of IT

Providing “hands on” exercises to practice course material

Providing a foundation needed for subsequent advanced MIS coursework

MIS 351.pptxMIS 351.pptx